Wednesday, November 18, 2015



Full moon Reg.

This is a twisted trip into the unknown tunnels imagined by the unconscious. Heavily influenced by psychedelic PKD audiobooks and a great amount off feeling good. These 15 pages were layed down, directly in ink, in a densely populated bar in Arad and in full stream-of-consciousness-mode. Pure downhill manner.
The occasion was an organised drawing challenge.
Afterwards, at home, it took me two more weeks of nibbing and chopping at the paper, with my smallest(&broken) quilt(I should have a pic of it, it is a show), darkening as much as I could. Working mostly at night. I am always fascinated with drawing during the ”night”. This also made the art more emotional.
There are some interventions from a few friends, on the first spread, since this was made in public. There was a theme to begin with and this was sexuality, pornography, but I never meant to make it explicit so it's all about hints. Also it has nuances of politics, witch are killers for eroticism so this is the great dichotomy.
The lines(text) was added before the hatching, so after the pages were outlined.
So take your time with this. It is dark and I think, dense, but I hope enjoyable.

”Regulator de lună plină”
Ink on (cheep)  21/29cm paper